Zalozhiny Quartet

Phase 1
part 1

location : Odessa

Situation : Strong evidence suggests the criminal cartel ' Liska Brava ' has employed doctor Dorijer to conduct human medical experiments for the purpose of extending the lives of soldiers. This may include increased strength , endurance and regenerative capabilities. There are indicators that the experiments are being conducted on people without consent.

The region is under imminent threat of invasion by the Russians, basing their claims on historic and national security issues. 

Mission : The investigative team will covertly

  • locate the medical complex involved
  • identify and document the nature / progress / results of the experiments
  • identify and document those behind / supporting the experiments
  • gather physical evidence of any specialized drugs / equipment / samples
  • seek evidence to prove or disprove the involvement of Russia
  • Avoid consequences which point toward UN or western interference

Execution : A team under the command and control of ' Donald ' will enter the city of Odessa and execute as many of the mission parameters as possible. Extreme care must be taken to avoid combat with local police, military or criminal entities. Any such entanglements that result in capture will result in isolation of the team and denial of any involvement by friendly organizations or countries.  Support can be provided to assist in quiet entry and exit from the country, consumables , weapons and specialized equipment. The budget is limited to 100,000 dollars to keep these activities discrete.

The method of entry to Odessa is via a friendly fishing boat asset. The planed access route to the city will bypass customs. Intelligence has identified a weapons shipment coming in on the cargo ship Yaskene' . Your objective is to intercept the shipment;  affix RFID tags to the weapons crates being delivered to the Liska Brava;  track the shipment;  and gain access to their facilities. Within the facilities the team will gather the data required.

Day 1 : enter Odessa

The team will consist of the following personnel; 

  • Benny – Data hacking and tech security
  • Reginald – Sniper and weapons expert
  • Trigger – martial arts, explosives and tactics expert
  • Stuart – Medical and Chemical expert
  • Plimpton - Burglar and linguist
  • Donald – MI6 special ops – Operation Co-ordinator.

Prime subject of interest

  • Dr. Dorijer – A russian medical doctor that was the personal doctor and medical research policy advisor to Lennin.  He is also known to have advised and headed research for a variety of political villans throughout the world.

Equipment: specialized equipment provided by Donald are as follows.

  • Transport into Odessa via discrete russian fishing boat 
  • Arrangements to avoid customs
  • Cover story : Trigger is acting as mixed martial arts competitor in a competition hosted by the countries President. The rest of the team are pegged in as support and medical staff.
  • RFID tags : boosted for increased range by Benny
  • Secure coms
  • 2 burner phones
  • binoculars
  • one thousand dollars each in mixed currency
  • Laptop with multi interface capability
  • personal weapons and explosives.
  • Mixed martial arts sports clothes and practice gear.

Setting up in Odessa

The team dressed according to the nature of common workers in order to blend in with the local population. The Russian fishing crew minded their business and did not attempt to engage the team in speculative conversation. This aspect of using russians for the entry contained some risk of providing Russian with the excuse it needed to invade.

Benny hacked harbor computers to learn the ship ( Yaskene' ) will be docking at pier 22 on day 2 of the operation. The team will use the time in day one to find a suitable hotel near the harbor, rent a van, outfit it with directional finding equipment and familiarize themselves with the streets and landmarks in the city.


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