Knights Templar

The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Soloman were once a powerful and influential order within the Church.  They led the Crusades and owned many territories in the present day middle east.  

The Templars were also powerful bankers and financed many pilgrims and soldiers in the Crusades.

The Templars also had many powerful enemies.  King Philip of France owed them over $100 million in modern currency and was unable to pay his debts.  Capitalizing on one corrupt knight, Philip ordered the arrest and seizure of all the Knights within France.  On Friday, October 13th, 1307, over 100 knights were arrested.  They were tortured into confessions and burned at the stake.  Pope Clement turned a blind eye to what his cousin Philip was doing and the Pope later disbanded the order.

Several Knights went into hiding to escape being burned at the stake.  Many of them fled to Scotland to found the Freemasons.  Others joined the Knights Hospitallier.  There are rumors that the Catholic Church has secretly reopened the Knights Templar and is using them as spies around the world.

Knights Templar

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